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To be dressed by Alberta Florence is to take a stroll in Rome between the Via Veneto and the Piazza del Popolo in the perfume of a late afternoon in June, losing oneself in an art gallery, a cinema set, a bookshop, or in a poem. Wearing the clothes of the Atelier means realizing the dream of owning a unique object; Alberta Florence is a breath of classical originality in a world that changes, but that never compromises on style.


The Atelier, established in 2014, finds its inspiration in the Italy of the 1950s and 60s, a period infused with ferment and magic, and in the soft lines and brilliant colors of the Tuscan landscape. A Bel Paese where nature's verdant profusion of olive groves, woods and luxuriant gardens became the framework for a cultural renaissance in which intense friendships gave birth to artistic movements. Novels such as The Garden of the Finzi Contini and the writings of Natalia Ginzburg and Truman Capote are further seminal influences on the ethos of Alberta Florence, which also derives creative impulse from beautiful and courageous women, the likes of Peggy Guggenheim and Paola Bucarelli, and from legendary painters with powerful personalities such as De Chirico and Guttuso. References to the cinema of the dreamlike visionary Federico Fellini are ever present.


The way in which the clothes are cut represents the synthesis of the philosophy and style of Giulia Mondolfi, the heart and soul of the Atelier. Alberta Florence does not follow fashion, but is rather classically contemporary, the constant references to a past elegance always reinterpreted with a modern twist. What emerges is clothing of extreme formal simplicity which is at the same time distinctive, timeless.


Giulia adores collecting fabrics which she considers real works of art in their own right, and which she sources mainly in Florence, but also during her travels to Rome, Bologna, Milan and Paris. It is indeed the fabric itself that gives form to her clothes, the prints, colors and patterns of the materials providing her inspiration.


Each piece of the collection is unique because it is created from a limited quantity of fabric, and is expertly tailored by hand in Florence. The result is a perfect coming together of fashion, design and skilled craftsmanship.


The Atelier Alberta Florence believes strongly in sustainable development, and for this reason has entrusted part of its production to a social cooperative which provides work for disadvantaged young people.

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